Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 For Just $8.99 / €7.45 at @iBuyGou in Flash Sale (Coupon Inside)


Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 is created to increase the area coverage and signal amplification from both routers Xiaomi, and other manufacturers. Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 connects to the USB port of the router, and then automatically synchronizes with it. Exquisite white design with a logo and two indicators on the front panel. Two parts of the body, made of quality ABS plastic, are interconnected by a swivel module on the hinges, allowing you to adjust the position of Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 within a radius of 180 degrees.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 looks like a repeater in the WiFi adapter with a USB 2.0 port sizes. Thanks to the hinges, you can change its direction for a more comfortable position. With the streamlined design, it appears simple yet elegant. It comes with a size of 13 x 4 x 1cm, weighing at only 50g.

With built-in dual antennas, Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 extend the WiFi signal, which comes from the router at 2.4GHz, with a transfer rate up to 300Mbps, twice as fast as the first generation, voiding the existence of WiFi signal dead zone in the house.

With a unique USB charging design (the interface support 180° rotating), the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 is more flexible and convenient. And also, it is easy to pair. You just need to insert the WiFi amplifier into the router, and the blue indicator displaying shows successfully paired.

In addition, it supports automatically networking and quickly realizing a complete coverage of the WiFi signal, support 16 devices operating at the same time. Supporting signal detection, it can accurately detect the WiFi signal through the Xiaomi app and it would inform you if something is wrong.

Every home is today equipped with a wireless signal through Wi-Fi routers and modems. It may happen, however, that the signal does not cover all the corners of your home or apartment, or you need to extend the signal to the garden. For these cases, there is the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 that can amplify any Wi-Fi signal to cover a larger area. It is powered by USB, allowing it to be plugged into a power bank, notebook, but of course into a socket.

The setup is extremely easy and runs through Mi Home. Simply select a Wi-Fi network, enter its password, and everything else will take care of the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2. With the maximum speed of up to 300 Mbps, you can still enjoy the extremely fast internet and data transfer, in places where the Wi-Fi signal was not previously.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi amplifier 2 is the best and inexpensive solution to close all the blind spots in your house or office. Right Now you can buy Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 from iBuyGou at $8.99/€7.45 in Flash Sale by Using Coupon Code: WF0331C


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