Xiaomi MI Wifi Router 3G Officially Releases at 249 yuan, $41


Today Xiaomi officially released its new wifi router, Xiaomi MI Wifi Router 3G, which is the upgraded version of Xiaomi MI Wifi Router 3. In design, Xiaomi MI WIFI Router 3G is same as Xiaomi WIFI Router 3, including dimensions, size, but the weight is a little heavier than MI Router 3, because it is built in Fin aluminum radiator, equipped with four antenna design  for faster wireless performance at greater distances.

As for specs, Xiaomi MI WIFI Router 3G adopts MT7621A MIPS bit dual core 880MHz processor, built in 128MB SLC flash storage, 256MB DDR3-1200MHz storage, supporting 300Mbps 2.4GHz WIFI and 867Mbps 5GHz Wifi.

In interface, it offers a USB 3.0 port, two 1000Mbps  LAN ports and a 1000Mbps WAN port. As for price, Xiaomi MI WIFI Router 3G sells at 249 yuan, $41, it just now started to test in public, we have no idea when it is available to sell. You can use coupon code: GB9% to catch it at $58.39.

Note:  You can use coupon code: GBCNA  to grab one at $54.58


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