Xiaomi MI11 Exposed with Under Screen Lens and Snapdragon 875 SoC


Has Xiaomi Mi 10 hit the high end market successfully? Surely a lot of people have such doubts, after all, when Xiaomi just shouted into the high-end market, Xiaomi is famous for cost performance title. In fact, I personally think Xiaomi Mi 10 is a good start to hitting the high-end market. “Everything is difficult at the beginning”, I think you still remember sudden apperance of mi NOTE series. The reason is that users are used to the price of 1999 yuan, and the sudden increase to 2999 yuan is really unacceptable. Judging by the performance of the Mi 10, the price rising gradually has made xiaomi’s high-end road more stable.

As is known to all, in terms of core processor, Mi 11 will carry the next generation flagship chip Snapdragon 875 processor. This latest generation 5G chip with cortex-A78 is destined to have stronger performance and more powerful graphics processing capacity, laying the foundation for Mi 11 to win the “next Domestic phone King”.

In terms of its appearance, xiaomi MI11 uses the Samsung Super AMLED 2K curved screen to create a full screen visual effect, which accounts for an astonishing 96% of the screen. And the screen camera technology to ensure the integrity of the screen, creating a strong sense of visual impact. In addition, the mi 11 screen also supports HDR10 high dynamic range, to ensure that the screen display effect is more excellent. It also has a 144Hz refresh rate and touch sampling rate, which is a good benefit for gamers.

In terms of image system, Xiaomi MI11 has also made a great breakthrough. Although it adopts the scheme of rear four camera, it is not blindly piling up cameras as we imagined, but pays more attention to the quality of photography. With a 192-megapixel super main camera plus a 40-megapixel super zoom camera plus a 21-megapixel ultra wide-angle camera plus an 8-megapixel macro camera, the Mi 11’s image capability is demonstrated by the combination of OIS optical stabilization and PDFA phase focusing technology.

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Finally, it is revealed that the Mi 11 will also be equipped with a large capacity of 5500Ah battery and 100W super flash charging technology. Besides, How much do you think the price of mi 11 is reasonable?


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