Xiaomi Mi11 Pro Concept Phone: Circle Four Lenses, Single-Hole Screen


As the receiver of Xiaomi mobile phones, what kind of appearance design will Xiaomi Mi11 Pro adopt? At present, it is also the object of external attention. Foreign media released a set of Xiaomi Mi11 Pro concept renderings. In this set of conceptual renderings, the design appearance of the Xiaomi Mi11 Pro is very similar to Huawei phones.  


The front design of the Xiaomi Mi11 Pro is still quite satisfactory. After all, apart from a very special design of a flagship mobile phone, the other designs are mainly reflected in the hardware parameters. Before there is no new design, the overall design is based on traditional technology. The display is still more reliable, so Mi11 Pro continues to use the screen punch design, and the punch position is still placed in the upper left corner of the screen.

The front camera of Xiaomi Mi11 Pro still uses the design of screen punching. This front camera is equipped with a 32 Megapixel lens, and the camera is still very good. However, I am still very curious here, because Xiaomi has previously shown a mobile phone with a hidden front camera similar to the screen, but it has not yet been released on a physical model. Isn’t this technology currently not very mature?

The body part of the Xiaomi Mi11 Pro uses a curved surface design, the screen part is not a curved surface design, and the fuselage part is curved surface design. However, the body part of the Mi11 Pro, especially the rear camera part, uses a circular lens module. I am surprised by this design. Because the design of this lens module makes people think of Huawei mobile phones at a glance, the body design of 11Pro personally feels it must not become true.

Xiaomi Mi11 Pro Cameras

The rear camera of Xiaomi Mi11 Pro is still four, and the number of rear cameras has not been increased at the same time because of the upgrade of the phone model. The rear camera of the Mi11 Pro uses the cross layout method in the round lens module. The top lens has a ring logo. If you guess well, it is estimated to be a 100 Megapixel lens. At the same time, the effect of taking pictures is still very high. High, it is likely to refresh the mobile phone photo ranking again.


According to the iterative upgrade rule, Xiaomi Mi11 Pro will continue to use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. After all, Xiaomi cannot use its own surging processors, for the time being, so the best option at present is to continue using the latest Snapdragon 875 processing by Qualcomm Device because according to the release rules, the Snapdragon 875 will be Qualcomm’s latest processor. In addition, Mi11 Pro is likely to be comprehensively improved in terms of charging speed. The 100W fast charging shown by Xiaomi mobile phones before will likely be equipped first.

Xiaomi Mi11 Pro estimates that the phone will not be cheap, because it follows the principle that Xiaomi phone is a high-end flagship phone, but the hardware parameters of 11Pro do not need to worry at all, after all, Xiaomi will rely on 11Pro to firmly occupy the flagship phone market. So do you like the concept rendering of Xiaomi 11Pro? If 11Pro really goes on sale according to the concept rendering, will you support and buy it?

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