Xiaomi MI11 Pro Concept Phone with 144 million pixels and 125W Quick Charge Leaked


Nearly half a year after the release of xiaomi Mi 10, Lei jun set a small goal to basically stabilize the high-end mobile phone market. Of course, The Mi 10 also fulfilled Lei Jun’s mission in a regular way. Sales of the Mi 10 have been good in the first half of the year, given the overall decline in phones, but the mi 10’s life cycle has also come to an end. From the company’s point of view, there will be a new generation to replace the Mi 10, and from xiaomi’s point of view, it’s up to the MIX 4 and the Mi 11 series.

Some media speculation is that the Mi MIX 4 will be released in September this year, when it will have a big show with huawei’s Mate 40. In addition to mi MIX 4, recently, a group of Mi 11Pro rendering videos were released by Multi Tech Media, a well-known foreign digital blogger. The mi 11 Pro rendering video exploded when I saw it. Of course, the video was also compiled by the digital blogger according to the information on the Internet, so it still has some authenticity.

In terms of its appearance, the overall appearance level of the mobile phone is very high, the proportion of the mobile phone screen is also very high, the front of the mobile phone can hardly see the black edge. The screen has a high-refresh OLED screen, and it doesn’t have the notoriously curved screen. The screen has a 120Hz refresh rate, but don’t worry too much about the battery drain. The phone comes with a 5500 mah battery and a 125W charge, which takes only 20 minutes to recharge.

However, there is still a pity, that is, the screen adopts single hole screen, and it has been widely rumored that it will adopt the technology of camera under the screen. It seems that the technology is very difficult. The parameters of front-facing camera are also very good, reaching 32 megapixels.

In terms of rear camera, xiaomi’s image system has made great progress in the past two years, and it adopts the rear 5 camera. The main camera still continues the previous high-pixel sensor. Xiaomi mi11 Pro will use a 144-megapixel camera. The other four cameras include telephoto, wide Angle, macro and TOF cameras, which have basically covered all aspects of life scene requirements. With 65x digital zoom, 50x optical zoom capability.

Other features include the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 processor, RAM 12GB ROM 256GB, in addition to the on-screen fingerprint identification, gorilla glass, etc. The system will be equipped with the latest MIUI 13, the comprehensive experience should be very high.

According to the Xiaomi MI11 Pro, this phone is excellent in both appearance and configuration, and it feels much better in design than the previous Mi 10. It feels like xiaomi is becoming more and more stable in high-end mobile phones. Of course, this phone is only a rendering so far, there are many uncertainties from the release of the real phone, but it is still worth looking forward to.

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The digital blogger also gave a release date for the phone, estimated at the end of the year; It is estimated that Xiaomi mi11 pro will start at 7000 yuan, but this is the PRO version, it is estimated that standard version, the price will still be a lot cheaper, of course, also we expect the price can be more affordable.


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