Xiaomi MI11 Pro with 0.19 Billion Pixel Camera Concept Images First Leaked


Xiaomi has divided their phone series into details, for example, Redmi series aims at price competitiveness, mi series aims at high-end users. After Xiaomi MI10 was released, MI11 series are under preparation. The advanced version, Xiaomi MI11 Pro whose images have been first leaked uses hidden front camera and face recognition, meanwhile, its front camera is similar to that of Huawei.

We can see it is bold design about MI11 Pro renderings. Meanwhile, it also copys some parts of Huawei. First, Xiaomi MI 11 Pro front camera and face ID have been cancelled, currently Xiaomi MI10 uses poles on front design, but MI11 Pro cancels that, it has a complete screen without poles.

Xiaomi smartphone once leaked a hidden front camera technology, but although Xiaomi showed it before, they haven’t applied such technology into any phone. We still think Xiaomi mi11 pro will be the first phone to use the technology.

About its rear camera, they will use different design from MI10 series, because the MI11 Pro uses rectangle module, which includes all rear camera. This kind of design is similar to Huawei mate series, which is a little pity.

There are four rear cameras, and two flash light. The main rear camera has 0.19 billion pixel to support 10 times optical zooming technology. As we know mi10 Pro reaches 0.108 billion pixel, this time, MI11 Pro improves its rear camera, which makes us impressive.

As for mi11 pro hardware specs, it will be powered by new Snapdragon 875 processor, 5nm process, whether in performance and power consumption, MI11 Pro will have very excellent performance. In addition, MI11 Pro will improve in its wireless charging and USB charging a lot.

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Therefore, if Xiaomi MI11 Pro really is designed like that, do you enjoy it? Will you try after availability?


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