Xiaomi MI2SE Smartphone Will feature 4.3inch Snapdragon 820 processor


It’s said Xiaomi is preparing a new 4.3inch smartphone and it is powered by Snapdrogon 820 processor This time, Xiaomi will use small screen, so the screen resolution will only have 720p. There are users who guess Xiaomi MI2SE imitates Iphone SE. But we can’t deny Snapdrgon 820 processor in this phone will be unbeatable right now.


Xiaomi MI2SE will take the design looking like iphone SE, and it will be the narrow version of Xiaomi mi5. In its configuration, Xiaomi 2SE will use 4.3inch 1280×720 HD screen, powered by Snapdragon 820 1.8Ghz processor, it will have RAM 3GB ROM 32GB, 13MP back camera, 2350mAh battery, running Android OS. It’s said Xiaomi mi2se will release in June at $300, but we still don’t believe that price. If it’s real, Xiaomi will create a legend in smartphones again.Just as Xiaomi slogan says, Believe What beautiful things will happen.



  1. For $300 it’s a bit overpriced. Around $220-$230 would be better.
    And if they’d take a cheaper Snapdragon (6xx or something), and put the price below $150 with the same screen size, then it would be nice too. I’m sick of this phablets everywhere…

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