Xiaomi MI5 128GB MIUI 8 vs Oneplus 3 vs Huawei Honor V8 vs ZUK Z2 Battery Review


Right now Xiaomi flagship smartphone Xiaomi MI5 enjoyed high popularity, Since Oneplus 3 released, it has been compared with those big brands such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Iphone 6 plus, HTC 10, etc. So today we would like to compare those Chinese high-end and latest smartphone about battery life, such as Xiaomi MI5, Oneplus 3, Huawei Honor V8 and ZUK Z2. Let’s check which one has the longest battery life.


From 10:30 a.m.,  we test them by playing video online, refreshing the web page, playing games, etc. Let’s see their performance.  From the screenshot, this four smartphones control its brightness differently.

Xiaomi MI5 128GB has most brightness, and ZUK Z2 lowest brightness. Although they adjust automatically, they still have much gap. From 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., we test to playing video online, after two hours playing, Huawei Honor V8 and ZUK Z2 has rest 85% power, Xiaomi MI5 83%, Oneplus 3 81%. Then we test to refresh the Webpage from 12:30 p.m. to 14: 30 p.m. at certain time. During two hours, the gap of this four smartphones has become larger. Huawei Honor V6 has rest 66% power, ZUK Z2 62%, Xiaomi mi5 and Oneplus 3 only has 56% and 53% rest power. At last, we test large games, from 14:30 to power off, this three Snapdragon 820 smartphone except Xiaom mi5 which comes to stuck phenomenon in the last stage, all play fluently without stuck problem. Huawei Honor V8 runs fluently at the beginning, but it didn’t run smooth more and more gradually. Therefore, from 10:30 a.m. to 18:17 p.m., according to 8 hours test, they all powered off.


If we consider them in view of working time, the rank will be Huawei Honor V8 as NO.1, Xiaomi MI5, NO.2, ZUK Z2, NO.3, and Oneplus 3, NO.4. Although Huawei Honor V8 ranked first, it runs games a little stuck.But we didn’t image Oneplus 3 got the last rank but it really plays very fluently for games. So do you have any idea about which one has longest battery life? Which one plays most smoothly?
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