Xiaomi MI5S VS Smartisan M1 Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery, Review


Chinese smartphones are quite popular around the world, especially Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Smartisan, Oneplus,etc. But as you know, the brand that is most difficult to catch is Xiaomi, Oneplus, Smartisan, etc such as Xiaomi MI5S and Smartisan M1. Right now they both are in presale, but some consumers are quite confused to choose one. We will introduce you the good advice to prove which one is better.


Xiaomi MI5S VS Smartisan M1 Specs


According to specs comparison, Smartisan M1 also starts to attach importance to the hardware, the main difference between them is the storage, camera, OS, design, price, etc.


Xiaomi MI5S has two versions, standard version and advanced version with RAM 4GB ROM 128GB internal storage, in addition, the advanced version has 3D touch function which sells 50usd more than the standard version.

We need to that Smartisan M1 and Xiaomi MI5S both are powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, but mi5s with 1.8GHz low frequency, M1 with 2.35GHz standard version, so they will have some difference in their performance.





Smartisan M1 is obviously different from Xiaomi MI5S in design, first in material, Smartisan M1 doesn’t come with all metal body, but it uses metal body and plastic/leather design, but Xiaomi MI5S uses metal body with more mature design.

The biggest highlight of Smartisan M1 is due to the round home button similar to iPhone on the front design to support fingerprint scanner, and there are two kinds of materials, white version uses high gloss plastic back cover, the golden version is for leather one.



Xiaomi MI5S is also known for the home button with ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the front design. But the home button is not pressed which is similar to Oneplus 3 and Oppo R9S. On the back, Xiaomi MI5S uses drawing wireless metal back cover with good grip feeling.

In terms of design comparison, Smartisan M1 and Xiaomi MI5S both are not so amazing in the design, but they are well-known for the home button with fingerprint scanner on the front. As for which one is more beautiful, you should have answer now.


In the aspect of camera, Smartisan M1 and Xiaomi MI5S are both latest smartphones to use Sony new generation sensor with the nice performance in camera. Smartisan M1 aims at high pixels, but Xiaomi mi5s focuses on big aperture. They have their own features.

Smartisan M1 uses 23MP rear camera with IMX318 Sony sensor, high analysis and F/2.0 aperture, 0.03s fast auto focus, supporting four axis OIS and three axis EIS and 4K video recording. Please check the samples of Smartisan M1 as follow:




Xiaomi MI5S has 4MP front camera and 12MP dual rear camera, Sony IMX378 sensor, 1/2.3inch optical sensor, which is 59% larger than iPhone 6S Plus, 1.55μm pixels. Check Xiaomi MI5S Samples as follow.




According to camera samples, Smartisan M1 and Xiaomi MI5S both belong to flagship level to perform its own nice quality. It’s worthwhile to know that Smartisan M1 is equipped with camera similar to Xiaomi MI Note 2. So Smartisan M1 camera will be not second to Xiaomi MI5S, or they are in the same level.



Smartisan M1 Antutu


Xiaomi MI5S Antutu


Smartisan M1 comes with Snapdragon 821 processor, RAM 4GB ROM 32GB internal storage, but Xiaomi MI5S advanced version comes with Snapdragon 821 processor, RAM 4GB ROM 128GB internal storage. According to Antutu test, they have similar scores, so they have big difference in their performance.



Xiaomi MI5S has 200mAh higher battery than Smartisan M1, but Smartisan M1 has done well in OS power saving and optimization, and they have no big difference in battery, they both can support two days for normal use.


Smartisan M1 and Xiaomi MI5S runs its own OS, Smartisan OS 3.1 has made improvement with some special functions, whose experience is not second to MIUI 8. So they are even in OS.

As for price, Smartisan M1 and Xiaomi MI5S Advanced version have similar price, only $30 gap.



Therefore, which one is better, Smartisan M1 and Xiaomi MI5S? According to comprehensive comparison, Xiaomi MI5S has more competitive price,  but Smartisan M1 also performs well in its hardware which tends to customers’ needs. So we think they have no big difference in terms of hardware. It’s up to which design you prefer, and which brand you are more inclined too.

Compare the price from the following stores:

Gearbest:  Xiaomi MI5S Plus RAM 4GB ROM 64GB Golden  at $479.99
                  RAM 6GB ROM 128GB Golden at $478.99
Xiaomi MI5S  3GB RAM 64GB ROM Silver at $318.99 (flash sale)     Xiaomi MI5S RAM 4GB ROM 128GB at $389.99  (flash sale)  

Efox:    Xiaomi MI5S Plus RAM 4GB at €389.99  XIAOMI MI 5S PLUS 6GB RAM at  €469.99
Xiaomi MI5S RAM 3GB at  €324.99  Xiaomi MI5S RAM 4GB at €389.99

Banggood:  Xiaomi MI5S  3GB RAM 64GB ROM at 292.99usd    Xiaomi MI5S 4GB 128GB at 449.89usd
Xiaomi MI5S Plus RAM 4GB ROM 64GB at 419.99usd     
MI5S Plus RAM 6GB ROM 128GB at $489.99

Geekbuying:   Xiaomi MI5S RAM 3GB ROM 64GB at 292.99usd    Xiaomi MI5S RAM 4GB ROM 128GB at $467  (flash sale)  

Xiaomi MI5S Plus RAM 4GB ROM 64GB Golden  at 339.99usd   MI5S Plus RAM 6GB ROM 128GB at $537


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