Xiaomi MI5S Will Feature Dual Rear Camera, Curved screen, Ultrasonic fingerprint ID


Xiaomi has released two smartphones in the half year ,2016, Xiaomi MI5, Xiaomi MI MAX which both belong to high-end smartphones. And They also announced mid-range smartphone, Redmi 3S, Redmi 3X and other gadgets such as Xiaomi MIBAND 2, Xiaomi mi drone, Xiaomi Mi router, etc. When we think Xiaomi will not release high-end smartphone, Xiaomi official has confirmed they will announce Xiaomi mi5s in the next half year of 2016. And Xiaomi mi5s has also improved a lot than Xiaomi MI5. They will also try some new in this smartphone.

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Xiaomi MI5S will be likely to use force touch screen, since Apple used this screen, other brands like Meizu, Huawei have also started to use this powerful screen. So Xiaomi will also try this new technology in Xiaomi MI5S for better experience. Besides force touch screen, MI5S will also adopt this function, Ultrasonic fingerprint ID, which is said to be the best smartphone to use this function that Letv mainly promote. As a nice partner of Qualcomm, it has also announced that Xiaomi MI5S will use this ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on MWC 2015.



Right now dual rear camera can be the first nice trial for smartphone brands, since iphone 7 and Huawei P9 uses this kind of design to improve its camera ability and it will also become the tendency in 2016 for smartphones. So Xiaomi next flagship smartphone, Xiaomi mi5s will use this kind of design which is not considered to be strange, after all, there will more smartphone using dual rear camera. The other highlight of Xiaomi mi5s is that it will take curved screen which has also become more and more popular for many brands such as LG, Samsung, etc. If Xiaomi doesn’t catch this great chance to use curved screen, they will lose more customers, So we believe Xiaomi mi5 will enjoy those high technology.  As for price, do you have any idea about it?


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