Xiaomi MI5S/MI5S Plus Starts to Get Android7.0 Beta Test Update


Xiaomi MIUI Official has confirmed that from May 15 , Xiaomi MI5S, Xiaomi MI5S Plus, Xiaomi MI MX, Xiaomi MI Note 2 have started to get MIUI 8 OS beta test based on Android7.0, it will last three weeks.

According to current news, Xiaomi MI5S, 5S Plus has got the MIUI 8 7.5.15 Beta test update, the most important feature is to upgrade to Android7.0 OS. Those who have Xiaomi MI5S, MI5S Plus can update your phone to Android 7.0 beta version.

Although Xiaomi MI5S and Xiaomi MI5S Plus have got beta test update, it also means Xiaomi MI MIX and Xiaomi MI Note 2 will also update to Android7.0 OS soon. In addition, Xiaomi MI5S/MI5S Plus Android7.0 developer version will be released until Friday, just stay tuned. By the way, you can download MIUI 8.2 Global Stable ROM Including All Models Now.



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