Xiaomi MI6 Concept Design Leaked, Amazing All Curved Display


This year, Xiaomi has really made big success and nice feedback in its high-end smartphones, especially Xiaomi MI MIX, after Xiaomi MI MIX comes out, many manufacturers are eager to imitate it, even surpassing it. But recently, there is the other video about Xiaomi MI6 which is very hot to let Xiaomi impress us deeply.

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This video is about Xiaomi MI6 concept smartphone. Right now we don’t know if it comes from the official on purpose. But mi fans are still very excited about its masterpiece. In all, we can see from the video that Xiaomi MI6 side edge has been fully covered by glass. We can’t see if Xiaomi MI6 back cover exists. According to the experience, it should not have back cover. If so, we can think Xiaomi MI6 is all covered by curved glass.


Besides full body curved display, we can see there is no receiver and sensor on the Xiaomi MI6 concept smartphone, so it is very likely to use resonance and ultrasonic distance sensing technology of Xiaomi MI MIX, at the bottom, we also don’t see the front camera, which makes us how amazing technology Xiaomi MI6 will use. If Xiaomi MI6 looks like this design, it will open the new era without any doubt, even Apple will follow the step of Xiaomi, stay tuned.


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