Xiaomi MI6 Hidden Function: Support USB PD Quick Charge


Previously, Lei Jun has claimed Xiaomi MI6 as Bucket smartphone on Weibo, which means Xiaomi mi6 has no shortages, it is powerful in every aspect. Righ now Xiaomi MI6 has a hidden function that hasn’t been introduced at the press conference, it supports USB PD quick charge. And it also support QC3.0 quick charge, this two standard quick charger can charge fast for Xiaomi MI6 directly, but Lei Jun has also confirmed this kind of function.

After other website’s test about Xiaomi MI6 charging, it is tested by its own 65W USB PD charger, CDQ-2QM test, Power-Z  agreement shows USB PD, 9.05V/1.76A 16W Quick charge. After using Romoss AC30U test, it shows 9.36V/1.68A 16W quick charge, which can also support USB PD agreement.

USB Power Delivery Specification(USB PD) can offer maximum 100W power standard by USB interface, the standard is made earliest by USB promotion group in July, 2012, which aims at providing more powerful charging solution.

USB PD agreement is based on USB 3.1, which is the power rate transmission concept put forward after USB Type C port. This kind of technology can bring more flexibility, which can expand charging ability to 10 times of current ability, up to 100W.  Have you found this function of Xiaomi MI6?


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