Xiaomi MI6 Live Images Unveil Pink Color and Support Iris Recognition


With Snapdragon 835 first releases in Asia, there is much news about Xiaomi MI6 recently, yesterday we unveiled several real photos of Xiaomi MI6 and its full specs have been leaked, too. Today a netizen unveils the real image and front panels again.

According to images, Xiaomi MI6 adopts dual rear camera, it has black color, good quality, its frame is similar to the design of Xiaomi MI5, but the curved edge is a little big, so it should have good hold feeling. In addition, the netizen has also unveiled the front panel of Xiaomi MI6, from the photos, the left and right side of the body are quite thin, compared with Xiaomi MI5, this smartphone has a little larger Home button if the photos are real, maybe Xiaomi MI6 has new features on its fingerprint scanner. There are two separate ports on the left and right.

It is worthwhile to mention that the top front panel has one more vertical elliptical hole, it is said that it is used for Iris recognition. As for specs, Xiaomi MI6 will be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, RAM 4GB and RAM 6GB, in addition, Xiaomi MI6 may have two versions in terms of screen, one is Xiaomi MI6 with 5.2 inch screen, the other is Xiaomi MI6 Plus with 5.7 inch screen. We will keep eye on Xiaomi MI6, stay tuned here.


Just now a netizen leaked the real photos of Xiaomi MI6 Pink version, which are different from previous black version with glass back cover. This time the real photos are similar to previous versions with dual rear camera and fingerprint scanner, but in terms of back antenna line, we can see it uses metal back cover.

On the front design, the ports of top front panel are different from previous versions. In all, one looks like Xiaomi MI5, the other looks like Xiaomi MI5S, two design style.



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