Xiaomi MI6 Plus Will Be Released in June Same As MI6 Jet Silver Availability Date


At Xiaomi MI6 press conference, we have finally seen Xiaomi MI6, but the biggest pity is that Xiaomi hasn’t released Xiaomi MI6 Plus and Xiaomi MI6 jet silver has not put in mass production.

According to current news, Xiaomi will still release Xiaomi MI6 Plus smartphone with 5.7 inch screen, but it will delay to June, as for delaying reason, one is the difficult craftsmanship, the other is to make up the space of new phone.

As for the reason about Xiaomi MI6 jet silver, previously, Lei Jun claims that they will not abandon this version, they will solve the mass production issue, and right now there is news that Xiaomi MI6 jet silver version will sell at the same time with Xiaomi MI6 Plus release date.

About the price, Xiaomi MI6 Jet silver will still sell at the same price with others. And Xiaomi MI6 Plus RAM 6GB ROM 64GB will sell at 2,999 yuan, $500, RAM 6GB ROM 128GB edition at 3,399 yuan, $566, RAM 8GB ROM 256GB at 3,999 yuan, 666USD. So we will see the fierce competition between Xiaomi MI6 Plus and Oneplus 5. Stay tuned.


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