Xiaomi MI6 Smartphone Release Date First Unveiled to be the First Snapdragon 835 CPU


Recently, there is much more news about Xiaomi MI5C, so it should be the last new product to release which is said to announce on November 30. And the most highlights of Xiaomi MI5C is to adopt the own Pinecone processor. But compared with the other flagship smartphone, Xiaomi MI6 is more attractive. So when will Xiaomi MI6 release, especially after Xiaomi MI MIX and Xiaomi MI Note 2 enjoy great popularity and good comments.So what most outstanding features Xiaomi MI6 will have?


Today Qualcomm holds the Snapdragon technology meeting in Shenzhen, China, China Research Supervisor from IHS Technology , Kevin Wang has exposed on his Weibo that Qualcomm new flagship processor, Snapdragon 835 will be first used on Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, the overseas brand, and the Chinese brand, Xiaomi MI6 will be also the first one to use it. This two smartphones will start to sell as early as the March next year.


According to the latest news, Snapdragon 835 will use 10nm Octa core design, the big core and small core will both use Kryo architecture, the big core has 3GHz frequency, the small core with 2.4GHz frequency. It adopts Adreno 540 GPU, it can support 4K screen, UFS 2.1, Dual camera, QC4.0 quick charge and LPDDR4X four channel storage and Cat.16 bandwidth.

We can predict that besides Snapdragon 835 processor, Xiaomi MI6 will improve in camera, storage, battery, etc. And it will use MIUI 9 OS which is in development. In addition, since Xiaomi MI MIX has got the almost full screen, Xiaomi MI6 will be better than Xiaomi MI MIX to some degree, stay tuned.


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