Xiaomi MI6 Unveiled with Metal Body, Curved Screen, Snapdragon 835 Released in March


Yesterday, Geek Park Innovation Conference Co-Founder Li Wanqiang leaked that they will release an amazing product in the world to amaze us in March, so what is that? According to previous news, it should be Xiaomi MI6, meanwhile, he has emphasized that the cost-effectiveness is the value of Xiaomi which means they will still sell the new product at 1,999 yuan, $333.

Right now some netizens leaked the latest news about Xiaomi MI6 that it will have metal material, and it will continue to use ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. But the smartphone has not been assembled, so it will not be released in February.

According to other news, Xiaomi MI6 will improve the camera, as for while model, right now it’s not clear, but it will be better than Sony IMX378 used before. Meanwhile, there will be two versions, one is flip screen, the other is curved screen. It’s said the former will sell at 1,999 yuan, $333, the stock is lack of stock due to bestselling, the latter one will sell at 2,499 yuan, $400, the stock will be much richer.

In addition, Xiaomi MI6 will be powered by Snapdragon 835 quad core 1.9GHz processor, the flip version will have RAM 4GB, and the curved version will have RAM 6GB, the battery should have at least 3,000mAh, running Android7.0 OS, it will have 128GB and 256GB two versions.  So are you looking forward to it?


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