Xiaomi MI6 vs Xiaomi MI5 Design, Hardware, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review


Xiaomi held Xiaomi MI6 press conference on April 19,  it adopts four curved glass screen with stainless metal mid-frame, compared with Xiaomi MI5 design, it has better craftsmanship. So do you know what’s the detailed difference between Xiaomi MI6 and Xiaomi MI5?

Check Xiaomi MI6 VS Xiaomi MI5 Specs here.


Xiaomi MI5 standard version adopts glass body, the prime edition uses ceramic body. Xiaomi MI6 still continues glass/ceramic body, the standard version adopts four curved glass material, prime edition uses ceramic body, compared with MI5 black standard version, Xiaomi MI6 with stainless steel metal mid-frame, we can see whether in front or back design, its overall black color will be more uniform, therefore MI6 is more beautiful.

                         Xiaomi MI6 Left vs Xiaomi MI5 right

According to comparison, Xiaomi MI5 has larger space under the screen, Xiaomi MI6 simplified more in details.

Besides Xiaomi MI6 four curved screen design, the edges of the phone touch more smoothly, compared with Xiaomi MI5, the touching feel has improved a lot.  The metal frame changes, on Home button, Xiaomi MI6 black standard version adopts same black home button frame, but MI5 home button around is covered by silver material. In addition, Xiaomi MI6 also canceled MI Logo on the front, the front camera is put on the left front.



Both adopts 5.15 inch 1080P screen, Xiaomi MI5 highest brightness is 600 nit, 95%NTSC color gamut, but Xiaomi MI6 has 94.4% NTSC color gamut, 600 nit brightness, 1nit lowest brightness.

Xiaomi MI6 adopts certificated eye protection screen, under dim light, it can protect our eyes from blue ray. In screen details, Xiaomi MI6 pays attentions to eye protection more.

MI6 Left vs MI5 right


Xiaomi MI5 has 3,000mAh battery, but Xiaomi MI6 has upgraded to 3560mAh battery, adding unique battery optimization, Xiaomi MI6 can support one day use.




We can say the biggest feature of Xiaomi MI6 is dual rear camera, Xiaomi MI6 back camera has finally upgraded to dual back one to support four axis OIS and optical focus, and its two back cameras are Sony IMX386 sensor, Samsung s5k3m3 sensor separately. The former one uses wide angle lens, f/2.0 big aperture, 1.25μm single pixel, which is in charge of daily photographing, the latter is used for human mode and twice focus, both have 12MP back camera.

MI5 Sample

MI6 Sample

MI5 Sample

MI6 Sample

MI5 Sample

MI6 Sample

MI5 Sample

MI6 Sample

Hardware and Antutu

Check Xiaomi MI6 VS Xiaomi MI5 Specs here.

Xiaomi MI5 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 64bit Quad Core processor, RAM 4GB ROM 128GB internal storage, but Xiaomi MI6 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 2.45GHz,Octa Core processor, RAM 6GB ROM 64GB/128GB internal storage, absolutely, MI6 is more powerful. Let’s check Antutu test to know more clearly.

MI5 Performance

MI5 Antutu

MI6 Performance

MI6 Antutu


Xiaomi MI5 sells at least 1,999 yuan, $333, due to specs improvement, cost increasing, Xiaomi MI6 sells at least 2,499 yuan, $400, but Xiaomi MI5 standard version has 32GB, MI6 is 64GB.  Therefore, according to every aspect comparison, we can see Xiaomi MI6 is the most powerful Chinese Snapdragon 835 smartphone now. If you pursue higher performance, you can choose Xiaomi MI6, however, if you want to save money, you can choose the cheaper one, Xiaomi MI5.

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