Xiaomi MI6 Will Be Delayed to Announce Without Snapdragon 835 CPU?


These days, there is much rumor about Xiaomi MI6 which should be released at MWC 2017, because MWC is one of the biggest world technology products congresses. At MWC 2016, Xiaomi released Xiaomi MI5 as the flagship smartphone, and Hugo has brought Xiaomi to the world which is vital year for Xiaomi. When we believe Xiaomi will attend MWC 2017, there is bad news for mi fans that Xiaomi will not attend this year MWC because of no new products. And there is no enough Snapdragon 835 processor to keep the first batch of Xiaomi MI6 announcement.

You think Xiaomi fools all mi fans, but Xiaomi has no choice, because 90% of the first batch of Snapdragon 835 has been purchased by Samsung, but Xiaomi and other smartphone manufacturers only have 10% of Snapdragon 835 processors. Samsung will release new smartphone on April 14.

As you know, Samsung takes at least one month to digest these chipsets, so in the middle of May to beginning of June, Xiaomi will win the second batch of Snapdragon 835. Therefore, Xiaomi MI6 should be delayed to be released.

And it is about in March or by the end of March, before Samsung announces Samsung Galaxy S8 that Lei Jun will use Snapdragon 835 processor. Therefore, it will take one month or more for Xiaomi MI6 to be available.Stay tuned.

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