Xiaomi MI6 Will Be First Global Snapdragon 835 Smartphone at 1,999 yuan, $333 More Leaked By Xiaomi Staff


After Chinese New Year, according to previous practice, Xiaomi will hold a flagship smartphone press conference in Feb. or March every year, so the Xiaomi MI6 will be the first flagship. Whether Xiaomi MI6 can use Snapdragon 835 first or not, there is much controversy. Right now Xiaomi company’s staff told you there is no doubt about Snapdragon 835 processor first used on Xiaomi MI6.

And this first flagship smartphone will make Snapdragon 835 become the flagship processor. So Xiaomi MI6 has started to do mass production according to current situation. And we believe it will come out soon. The Xiaomi MI6 mass production has broken the rumor that Snapdragon 835 processor is produced slowly by Samsung. And there will be no problem about 10nm yield. Therefore, Xiaomi mi6 will have no issue to make mass production after press conference.

Xiaomi MI6 will take the lessons from Xiaomi MI Note 2 with limited stock. And this time Xiaomi MI6 will have LCD and OLED screen two versions. LCD screen version will keep the price at 1,999 yuan, $333, and OLED version will sell at 2,499 yuan, $400. The LCD version will keep customers for more choices under the limited stock of curved screen version.

OLED screen version will be the smaller version of Xiaomi MI Note 2 curved version. Xiaomi MI6 will also use ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, and dual glass and middle metal frame. As for specs, Xiaomi MI6 will have RAM 4GB/6GB, 20MP main camera, built in 4,000mAh battery, supporting QC4.0 quick charge, etc.

As for release date, Xiaomi MI6 is rumored to be released in Feb or March, are you ready for your money?

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