Xiaomi MI6 Will Be Powered by Snapdragon 830 First Instead of Snapdragon 835 ?


Previously, it’s said Xiaomi MI6 will be the first smartphone to be powered by Snapdragon 835 among Chinese brands. But according to the latest news, Xiaomi MI6 will be first to use Snapdragon 830 processor actually. It’s said Snapdragon 830 processor is a Hexa core processor without two big cores of Snapdragon 835, but the GPU is same as that of Snapdragon 835. Indeed, Snapdragon 830 is the lower version of Snapdragon 835.


It’s speculated that the yield of Snapdragon 835 is not high, they will take advantage of the failed version of Snapdragon 835 to produce Snapdragon 830 processor. In the first period, they will provide the exclusive release date for Samsung Galaxy S8, meanwhile, some parts of Snapdragon 835 processor has some defects, the power leaked a lot. So they have to close two big cores to reduce the heat and then treat them as Snapdragon 830.


According to the previous situation of Xiaomi, it is not impossible to use Snapdragon 830, the lower version of Snapdragon 835, After all, Xiaomi has used Snapdragon 650, Snapdragon 808, Snapdragon 820 for most models. But Xiaomi official has not confirmed whether Xiaomi mI6 will use Snapdragon 830 or Snapdragon 835 next year, only confirmed that the processing,architecture is same as Snapdraogn 835. As for release date, it is said that Xiaomi mI6 will be released next March, stay tuned.


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