Xiaomi Mi7 Flagship New Function First Unveils


Although these years Apple has got a lot of bad feedback in its innovation, in terms of many kinds of smartphone manufacturers globally, Apple can still guide the fashion in the world, currently, iphone 8 and iPhone X have been released, which supports wireless charging. So Xiaomi will also start to release its flagship, Xiaomi MI7 to support this wireless charging function.

Recently, we find Xiaomi has joined WPC wireless charging union, and previously before Iphone 8 and iPhone X were released, they have also added this community. So iphone 8 series and Iphone X can support latest wireless charging function, it is said that WPC is the first wireless power standard organization, organizing 15W low power consumption standard, QI logo has also got this certification approval.

Xiaomi also joined this community which means the new Xiaomi phone will use this kind  of wireless charging function. According to current time and product line, Xiaomi MI7 should be the first wireless charging smartphone, after all Xiaomi can not try the new function on other non-flagship smartphone, even if there will be new flagship coming before Xiaomi MI7. Do you think it is cool to enjoy wireless charging on MI7?


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