Xiaomi MI8 SE VS Huawei Honor Play Design, Performance, Camera, Battery Review


Yesterday my friend asked me that which one to choose, Xiaomi MI8 SE or Huawei Honor Play? Honor Play even uses UFS, many users compare it with Xiaomi MI8 SE, they only have 200 yuan, $33 gap in price. In fact, Honor Play with Kirin 970 and GPU Turbo technology can be the best rival of Xiaomi MI8 SE. Without changing its hardware, improve its frame and quality.

Check Xiaomi MI8 SE VS Huawei Honor Play specs here


Huawei Honor Play uses hidden top notch design, 6.3 inch screen with 89% screen to body ratio, metal unibody, the back cover uses flexible sandblasting, while MI 8 SE uses top notch full view display, 5.8 inch 2244 x 1080 AMOLED screen.


Xiaomi MI8 SE and Honor Play uses Snapdragon 710 and Kirin 970 processor accordingly, as for the performance between Snapdragon 710 and Kirin 970, we have no idea, but Snapdragon 710 has similar speed to Snapdragon 835, so it will be faster than Kirin 970.

Xiaomi MI8 SE doesn’t support card for expansion, but it has RAM 4GB/6GB ROM 64GB internal storage, it supports dual SIM card, so it can use two numbers at the same time, as for Honor Play, it has one Card for expansion, if you decides to put one TF card, then the second card should be SIM card, it has RAM 4GB/6GB ROM 64GB internal storage, MI8 SE and Honor Play both use USB Type C port, but MI8 SE uses Bluetooth 5.0, Honor play uses Bluetooth 4.2, so you should know which one has better performance.


Honor Play and MI8 SE both have dual rear camera, but they have big difference in image and video effect. For example, MI 8 SE has the only back camera to support 60 fps 4K video recording, 12.0MP+5.0MP dual rear camera while Honor Play has 16MP+2MP dual back camera,  but not supporting 4K video recording but supporting 30fps 1080P video recording. In theory, Huawei Honor Play has better back camera.

As for front camera, Xiaomi MI8 SE has 20.0MP,  f/2.0, while Honor Play has 16MP front camera, therefore, MI8 SE will bring better selfie-taking quality.

Battery and OS

Honor Play uses 3750mAh battery,  EMUI 8.2 OS based on Android 8.0 OS, while Xiaomi MI8 SE only has 3120mAh battery, running MIUI 10 AI OS, therefore, Honor Play should have longer battery life which can be used about 1.5 days under heavy condition


When we buy an android smartphone, we may pay attention to its performance first, Xiaomi MI8 SE with Snapdragon 710 SoC should be the first choice. and it is a little cheaper than Honor Play 4GB 64GB, if you want a better design, personally Honor Play is more beautiful. Therefore, which one is your first choice?

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Xiaomi Mi8 SE 6GB 64GB at $389.99 after coupon code:  BLIFUUAF

HUAWEI Honor Play 4GB+64GB, Price ( $366.71 after coupon code: GKB4%OFF)

HUAWEI Honor Play 6GB+64GB, Price ($435.83 after coupon code: GKB4%OFF)


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  1. I don’t agree with you in some aspects:
    1. Preformance: Kirin 970 has a little powerfull CPU but we can say it is a draw. Regarding GPU, Kirin 970 is about 60% more powerfull than SD710, and it seems that with new “GPU turbo” huawei has implemented that matches the SD845 GPU power the powerfull can be about double of SD710.
    2. Cameras: Though Huawei is doing a great job with camera software, I think Mi8 SE cameras are going to be better than Huawei ones. Based on the specs, Mi 8SE uses a great sensor: IMX363 with f1.9 and 1.4um pixel size + 5.0 f2.0, while Honor Play 16 MP f/2.2 camera and a 2 MP f/2.4.
    3. Screen: 5.8 Oled vs 6.1IPS
    Conclusion: Mi8 SE is better phone for users that uses their phone for web browsing and social networks (better camera, better screen and great power) and Honor play is a great phone for people that usually play games in phone (better GPU performance, better audio, bigger screen, better battery).

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