Xiaomi Mi9: 20W Wireless Flash Charge: Faster Than Xiaomi Mi8 Cable Fast Charge


With the improvement of mobile phone charging technology, wireless fast charging has basically achieved the speed of mainstream wired fast charging. For example, Xiaomi Mi9 is equipped with a 20W wireless flash charge, which is faster than the average 18W wired fast charge.

A few days ago, Lei Jun sent Weibo: “I said at the press conference that Xiaomi Mi9 wireless flashing is faster than ordinary mobile phones, and there are still friends who don’t believe it, so we also took a video comparison. In order not to hurt the feelings of friends. We can only hurt our own millet 8.”

It is reported that in the test, Xiaomi Mi9 and Xiaomi Mi8 all run out of power and automatically shut down, start charging and measure, charge to 100% record charging time for comparison.

Official measurements show that Xiaomi Mi9 is fully charged to 100% (about one and a half hours), and after 4 minutes, Xiaomi 8 (18W wired fast charge) is full.

It is reported that Xiaomi Mi9’s 20W wireless flash charging is the real “end power”, which is the highest charging power that the receiver Receiver can output. In order to achieve 20W end-to-end power, Xiaomi wireless charging board needs more power input, and the specification supports 20V/1.35A, which ensures that Xiaomi Mi9 receives 20W maximum power during wireless charging.

The entire 20W wireless flash charging solution is completely a wireless charging solution independently designed by Xiaomi, and the wired fast charging charge pump technology is applied to the wireless charging system. The buck is accomplished with ultra-high conversion efficiency through the two-stage buck. At the same time, the 5-layer nanocrystalline magnetic isolation material, plus multi-strand wound lifting coil transmission efficiency, reduces heat loss.

Lei Jun said that the wireless charging technology originated very early, and this technology has not been promoted because of the problem of charging efficiency and cost. For the first time, Xiaomi did wireless charging, and it achieved 7.5W, and the compression cost will make the charging board of 300~500 yuan on the market achieve 99 yuan, truly making high-end products popular.

And Xiaomi Mi9 this time for the first time in the world to use 20W wireless flash charging, 90 minutes can be filled with Xiaomi Mi9, faster than ordinary mobile phone cable speed. However, the charging board is still 99 yuan, which is to hope that everyone can buy it without pressure, and put one in each bedroom to make wireless charging go to the practical stage.

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