Xiaomi Mi9 SE First Exposure: To Be Released On The Same Day As Xiaomi Mi9?


In addition to Xiaomi Mi 9, what surprises will be made at the Xiaomi New Product Launch Conference held at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium on the afternoon of February 20?

On the Jingdong, there are three parties at the same time releasing the preheating of Xiaomi Mi9 and Xiaomi Mi 9SE. It is said that the new SE will be launched simultaneously with the Xiaomi Mi9 Standard Edition. The delivery time is expected to be from March 11 to March 2019.

The store belongs to the Jingdong Good Shop Alliance member, with a comprehensive score of 9.7 points, and has a certain credit guarantee, but considering that the Xiaomi official is still in the middle of the “Mi 9 SE,” we may wish to let the bullets fly for a while.

Last year’s Xiaomi Mi8 SE was different from the Xiaomi Mi 8 in appearance, and the chip was reduced to Snapdragon 710, which eliminated the screen fingerprint technology. According to Wang Teng, the former product director of Xiaomi, there will be more mid-range screen fingerprints this year. If there is a Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, it is obviously the most promising to carry this unlock.

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As for the core SoC, the possible choices are the Snapdragon 712 mobile platform (2.3 GHz Kryo 360 eight-core, Adreno 616 GPU, 800 Mbps downlink) or Snapdragon 675 (Kryo 460, 2+6 eight-core, 11nm, Adreno 612, 600Mbps downlink ).

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