Xiaomi Mi9 to be Priced Higher Than Mi 8 at launch, CEO Says


Today Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi has spoken on the social network Weibo after the image that yesterday went online and showed economic prices in the Mi9. Now we know that it is a false image.

The CEO of the company has explained that the Mi9 is definitely more expensive than the Mi 8 and it is because the best smartphone was created and therefore the budget limit has been eliminated and the best of the market has been sought. This has made the Mi9 the most expensive smartphone of the manufacturer. Lei stressed that all versions of the Mi9 use the fifth generation of fingerprint sensors on the screen. He also commented that the R & D invested in the Mi9 is much higher than in the Mi 8.

One of the curious facts mentioned by the CEO is that the Mi9 would be at least $150 more expensive than the Mi 8. So we can say that at least the price of Mi9 will be about $470 in China. The Mi9 incorporates the Snapdragon 855, a triple camera, wireless charging, AMOLED screen, the fingerprint sensor on the screen, the latest Wifi protocol, reduced frames, and ultra-compact design. The Mi9 would have a more premium variant that would be the Mi9 explorer. This terminal would be for the moment relegated only to the Asian market and would have a higher price than the Mi9.

This is how the premise that Mi9 is the first Xiaomi smartphone that raises the bar of price and specifications is met. As previously mentioned, Xiaomi would be looking for the Mi brand to be the reference of the manufacturer’s premium range. Redmi and Pocophone would seek to adjust more to the specification barrier with more contained prices.

Xiaomi in this way will be able to offer smartphones from each of the segments that divide the classes of phones, being able to attack the other manufacturers that launch terminals with better finishes and specifications. The case of Huawei, Apple, and Samsung.

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