Xiaomi Miaomiao-Women’s Thermometer Released: A Portable, Smart Digital Thermometer Priced at $19.78


Xiaomi seems to be increasing its smart devices through partnering with the high-end Chinese makers. the days are gone when women have to check the possibility of pregnancy via strip. this is the era of tech and everything is smart here. Then why not a thermometer. Today, Xiaomi crowdfunding on the 147th new products ‘Miaomiao-Women’s thermometer’ a portable, smart digital thermometer for only women priced at 129 yuan.

As a smart electronic thermometer, Xiaomi Miaomiao-Women’s thermometers can promptly remind you when your body is ailments, the selection of Texas Instruments processing chip, built-in high-precision analog-digital conversion module, can sense the temperature change of 0.05 ℃.

Temperature, the temperature of the probe will be placed under the temperature of the tongue, hear a beep, the end of the temperature, the temperature displayed directly on the thermometer, can be automatically synchronized to the APP.

Binding seconds test pregnancy APP, you can transfer personal data to the cloud, permanent preservation, better management of menstruation, and recommend a better preparation for your pregnancy time.

Xiaomi Miaomiao-Women’s thermometer will be available in just 129 yuan ($19.78) in similar products also have a price advantage, another well-known brand Omron similar products priced at nearly 300 yuan ($46.00).

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