Xiaomi Miband 2 vs Apple Watch vs Fitbit Blaze Review


Apple watch and Fitbit blaze are famous wearable devices in the world, if we compare it with Xiaomi Miband 2, there is someone laughing at this kind of comparison, but we can still compare them in heart rate function, specs, and functions. We found all of them uses photoelectric pulse sensor, the principle is same, when the heart rate sensor connects skin, photoelectric diode of heart rate sensor emits green light, blood is red which can absorb green light, reflect red light, wrist sensor calculate the heart rate according to flowing blood in the wrist in period of time. So combined with these common features, just test their functions.



Round 1 Static Test

Fitbit Blaze heart rate dection function is a little special, as long as wearing it, it starts to detect continuously. It consumes power a lot. You can see the static test in two minutes, there are two heart rate detection scores, 71 times/minutes, 85 times/ minutes, a little unstable.


Then it’s turn to Apple watch, i feel it is tied on the wrist like a stone, and test it in the same circumstance like Fitbit Blaze, there are two results, 74 times per minutes, and 97 times per minutes in two minutes sitting. It’s so unstable, i have to prove something wrong with my heart.


Next it’s Xiaomi Miband 2, i wear it very comfortably,and it’s more convenient to test the heart rate then the first generation due to its display and touch screen button. I can test the heart rate on the mi band 2 independently. After touching the screen continuously until  ❤ icon comes out, it proves it starts to test.  It have the test result, 78 times per minute and 80 times per minute. It is fully proved there is nothing wrong with my heart.


Round 2 NON Human Wrist Test

We tested Xiaomi miband 2 air heart rate. For example, we choose some items similar to wrist thickness as test mediums, such as a common paper, self-use cup,etc. We wear the devices on these items, in order to the back heart rate to connect the test medium tightly, we also use the same environment and test way. Meanwhile, in order to test more completely, we set up this air heart rate in several scene such as solid, liquid and gas. The first round of the solid medium test starts.

Solid medium (paper, metal, glass)

According to test sequence, the first one is Fitbit Blaze, we found when we test paper, it shows the  continuously beating heart rate value, and make a screenshot randomly about 93 times per minute. But when we test metal cup, it didn’t have no result.



Then it’s apple watch, when we test the paper, 37 times per minute comes out, and 74 times per minute for testing metal cup.



According to international practice, Xiaomi Miband 2 brings more surprise that it shows the result of ‘x’ when testing paper and metal cup. Therefore, it proves this is not human wrist.



After solid test, we believe you have good knowledge of these wearable devices. Let’s start liquid medium test. we choose the Sprite and glass cup, pouring pure water in glass cup. Both has similar thickness as human wrist. Then we put the devices in the same place, and then start to test it.

Fitbit Blaze shows no result in testing Spirte drink, but when it tests the glass cup, it shows 104 times per minute which is similar to the test result of solid medium test.



In apple watch, it shows 38 times per minute in testing Spirte drink, and 74 times per minute in testing glass cup. So it has same result as its solid test.



However, Xiaomi Miband 2 has shows different from this two devices. It still shows ‘X’ when testing the metal cup and Sprite drink.



Therefore, until now Xiaomi Miband 2 has the accurate test result for non human test. But Fitbit Blaze and Apple watch can’t defect that.

Gas Medium Test

We put this three devices in two scenes, one is to put on the desk, the other is  to use a mobile phone to clip in the air besides the bed.

Fitbit Blaze has been tested on the desk and in the air statically. Fitbit Blaze still shows 96 times per minute in the air test and no result on the desk.


Apple watch also shows unbelievably 215 times per minute on the desk and 54 times per minute in the air.


Xiaomi miband 2 still can tell the result accurately to show ‘X’. Therefore, Xiaomi miband 2 wins in these three medium tests.


After the first round of static heart rate test, we can find there are much difference in their respective algorithm on many famous wearable devices.Talking, breathing rhythm and other factors also can cause a certain degree about influence on the result,  Xiaomi miband 2 test result shows it is more accurate and stable than Fitbit Blaze and Apple Watch.  So do you have other idea about these tests? Here is the coupon code: GBMI2 to get it at SP: $25.99.

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  1. I think it would be more convenient to test it versus Xiaomi Mi1S. There is more pople who thinking about upgrade from 1s version than people who thinkin’ about upgrade from Apple Watch or FitBit.

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