Xiaomi Mijia 1C Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review: With120AW Suction


Xiaomi MIJIA 1C Vacuum Cleaner released, using a 9-cone cyclone tornado design, can provide 100AW large suction, long-lasting suction-free, claiming to easily clean 160m2 room; equipped with 4 multi-function brush head, bed The brush removal rate can reach 99.9%, and the retail price is 1299 yuan.

Now, Xiaomi MIJIA 1C Vacuum Cleaner has been on the shelves in Xiaomi, priced at 999 yuan, 10:00 on October 16th, limited to 1,000 units, pre-order, first come first served.

The Xiaomi MIJIA 1C Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a 10W rpm high-speed brushless motor with a suction power of up to 120AW. It has a powerful suction of 20KPa and effectively absorbs all kinds of ground.

The main unit puts the motor and battery behind the handle, and the torque is shortened. Even if it is lifted up, it can easily maintain the balance of gravity, and it can comfortably clean the high place for up to 60 minutes.

Equipped with a high-efficiency multi-cone filter system, it can effectively remove large particles into the bottom of the dust cup to achieve dust separation and keep the air passage from clogging.

The special air-guiding channel design guides the strong wind pressure to the power group instantaneously dissipates the working heat of the core components and maintains the suction power for constant and constant power.

The Xiaomi MIJIA 1C Vacuum Cleaner adopts a 5-fold fine filtration system, which can accurately intercept particles as small as 0.3um, and the purification efficiency is up to 99.97%, avoiding secondary pollution.

Equipped with a high-speed squeegee brush, the powerful power can penetrate deep into the mattress and effectively absorb 99% of the dust mites on the bedding, sofa and fabric seats.

The built-in wall-mounted charging pylon of the vacuum cleaner can be used for charging and accommodating two-in-one. It can use the space reasonably and effectively. It can be used with the suction, and it can be charged with a full charge. Xiaomi MIJIA 1C Vacuum Cleaner only takes 3.5 hours.

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