Xiaomi Mijia 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Headset For Just $34.99 at DD4 Store in Flash Sale


The Xiaomi Mijia 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Headset antenna is in the wire, and not near the headphones. This design allows the antenna to be farther from the brain, thereby significantly reducing its exposure to electromagnetic waves. In addition, stable wireless data transfer technology increases the security and convenience of using headphones.

The headphones use a more stable, safe and high-performance lithium-polymer battery. 240 hours of standalone mode – this is 15 times more than conventional Bluetooth headphones! When the battery is fully charged, you have 10 hours of telephone talk or 8 hours of music listening, so you will be in touch even during sports, and you can also enjoy listening to music at any time.

The headphones use the Bluetooth CSR chipset, with the built-in aptX® encoding and decoding technology as a solution to the stereo sound problem: it does not affect the sound quality and at the same time, it does not allow it to lag. Now while listening to music and a telephone conversation you can enjoy real, high-quality sound.

The control unit body is made of high-quality solid plastic and has no gaps between the buttons. The Bluetooth module inside the control unit is protected by a waterproof nanocoating, which also corresponds to the level of IPX4, providing better security. Wear-resistant and comfortable keys have a moderate elasticity.

Earphones have a waterproof level of IPX4. IPX is the international standard for industrial water resistance (measured on a scale from 0 to 8 levels), in which the level of IPX4 means that the headphones can be used even if water flows from different sides. Despite the rainy weather and sweat during training, the 1MORE iBfree Bluetooth headphones will always accompany you.

When manufacturing the surface of the headphone case, more than 20 different technologies for metal are used: CD engraving, glare technology, drawing, matting, etc. In addition, all metal parts were prone to anodizing, thanks to which colors – red, black, blue and green – will retain their brightness for a long time. We can buy Xiaomi Mijia 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Headset from DD4 Store at $34.99 for Flash sale


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