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The Xiaomi Mijia 6 in 1 smart home security kit is a great kit to create the ultimate smart home environment. Coming with 6 high-end security sensors, this home security kit guarantees that never again anybody approaches your property unnoticed. Besides its security features, these sensors also offer great efficiency for everyday usage ‘ making your life easier and more relaxed. All you have to do is sync your sensors the multi-functional gateway, connect it to your WiFi, and you’ll be all set to control your home appliances from afar via your smartphone. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the Xiaomi Mijia 6 in 1 smart home security kit works perfectly with the majority of smartphones out there.

Excellent Window Door Sensor Set

The Xiaomi Mijia 6 in 1 security kit contains the window door sensor to prevent any uninvited guest enter into your domain. This is a brilliant sensor which can be easily attached to the other sensors to secure the house. The window door sensor will alert you on your smartphone with the bell whenever anyone breaks into your house.The door sensor will alert you whenever you open the door, and the ring will alert you. When there is a push on the door, and then light will goes on your phone automatically. With just one simple click you can open your windows to let fresh air pass into the house. This sensor can be operated with the smart app which is available on iOS 7 and Android OS.

Sensational Smart Wireless Switch

The security kit has an intelligent switch system installed in it, which allows you to operate all the switchboards of your manual with this switch. With just one click on the smartphone, you turn off all the lights in the house before going to bed. Need to get up late in the night, no worries just press one button, and all the lights will automatically turn on for your convenience. The smart wireless switch feature will allow you to shut down all the house appliances with one go before going out.The one key control feature of this Xiaomi Mijia 6 in 1 home security kit will ease out your life.

Humble Human Body Sensor

Another fantastic feature of the Xiaomi Mijia 6 in 1 security package which can be operated through your iOS 7 or Android 4.3 and above devices, is its smart human sensor. This feature sports numerous other functions to make your life downright intelligent. It has Time Delay Function, which enables it to automatically shut down the air conditioning, TV and other appliances for you. There will be capable Induction in which, when you wake up; it will turn the light off for you, so, no need to get up with this security kit. The Nightlight Function will automatically open when someone passes by your surrounding, and the Notice Function will be informed when your loved pet slips out to protect it from wandering out.

Tentative Temperature Humidity Sensor

The Xiaomi Mijia 6 in 1 security kit will also alert you to the change in the temperature and notify you with the latest weather forecast. The humid temperature sensor will automatically notify about the temperature change both inside and outside the house.The System Requirements to operate this striking feature will be iOS 7.0 and above or Android 4.0 and above. The Temperature measuring accuracy of the sensor is very nice around the -0.3 to +0.3 degree. The Humidity measuring accuracy of the sensor is also same for -3 to +3 %. The temperature sensor utilizes the Battery for 1 x 3V CR1632 button battery (included). The device has very powerfully Temperature range of around-20 to +60 Degrees Celsius.

Magnificent Multifunctional Gateway Remote Control

You will also get the Multifunctional Gateway Remote Control to operate all the functions of the Xiaomi Mijia 6 in 1 security kit. The remote control is made up of anti-flaming material, and it can be easily connected with your Wi-Fi. The remote can connect with 1200 other online radio stations, 30 sub devices, and 16 Million RGB Lights which is incredible in its own place.


The Xiaomi Mijia 6 in 1 security kit is a powerful device to secure your house at a really cheap rate of $60.99 hurry up and take smart tool kit for your smart home at LIGHTINTHEBOX. The device is smart and has plenty of dynamic features installed in it. So, you can invest in this security system and make your house smart.


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