Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioning Companion Pro Launched; Priced at $21


On June 10th, Xiaomi’s sub-brand Mijia released its latest Air Conditioning Companion, which not only covers all the functions of Air Conditioning Companion 2, has also added infrared remote control, an expanded 10A socket, and built-in Bluetooth gateway, and other practical functions. This new model name is Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioning Companion Pro and its price is only 129 yuan (about $21).

Mijia Air Conditioning Companion Pro not only makes traditional air conditioners easy and intelligent, but also realizes remote timing switch and temperature adjustment; it can also infrared remote control of electric equipment such as projectors, TVs, fans, and realize intelligent control of traditional home appliances. A small air-conditioning companion brings great happiness to life.

Previously, Mijia Air Conditioning Mate 2 only had a three-hole socket. If smart curtains or projector screens need to be installed at the top of the wall socket, then an additional patch panel needs to be connected. Not only is the wiring complicated, but also It looks messy and affects the beauty. So, this new Air Conditioning Companion solves this issue very well.

In addition to the original three-hole socket, the Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioning Companion Pro also expanded the 10A five-hole socket, which can support 10A low-power air conditioners, cameras, smart curtains, and other electrical equipment. Its built-in infrared transmitter module and massive infrared code library can cover 6000+ mainstream brand home appliances in the market.

This new model has a built-in Bluetooth gateway. After connecting to a Bluetooth device, you can not only view the data of the Bluetooth device remotely on the Mijia APP but also realize the linkage with other Mijia smart devices through settings.

As an intelligent companion for air conditioners, this new Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioning Companion Pro can customize the temperature of the air conditioner according to your needs, always keeping the indoor temperature comfortable and comfortable, and avoiding colds caused by direct blowing for a long time.

You can turn on the quick cooling mode remotely, adjust the room temperature quickly, and enjoy the coolness when you come home and enjoy the coolness. It can also detect the real-time power of the air conditioner, count the daily/monthly power consumption, and know the electricity bills in one month.

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