Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioning Natural Wind 1.5 HP is on Sale


Xiaomi launched a new level of energy-efficient air conditioner – Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioning Natural Wind 1.5 hp, the original price is 2999 yuan, and the initial price is only 2799 yuan.

Mijia air conditioner natural wind 1.5hp adopts a three-dimensional wide-angle wind deflector, the air outlet is fully closed without gaps, can be freely popped and rotated, and multiple sweeps are available.

The air supply angle of the ordinary air deflector is generally 32 to 95 degrees, while the three-dimensional wide-angle air deflector used by the Mijia Air Conditioner Natural Wind 1.5 HP directly covers the upper and lower air supply range of 0-180 degrees.

Compared with the single-stage movement of the ordinary wind deflector, the wide-angle wind deflector also supports two-stage movement, and the free extension is stronger, the width is increased from 90mm to 106mm, and the circulating air volume is also increased from 650m²/h to 700m²/h.

Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioning Natural Wind adopts air conditioning system optimization control technology, high-efficiency, and low-noise air duct system design, a high-quality small King Kong outdoor unit, and realizes high-speed compressor startup. It is known as 30-second quick cooling and 60-second quick heating.

It is also equipped with temperature and humidity dual control technology, which can effectively dehumidify in the rainy season and retain water, and control humidity in the dry season.

In terms of energy saving, the APF of 1.5 horsepower of the Mijia air conditioner is as high as 5.3. Compared with the old first-level energy efficiency, it can save 112 kWh of electricity throughout the year. Compared with the new third-level energy efficiency, it can save 205 kWh of electricity throughout the year.

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