Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier Ultra High-end flagship preheating, to be released on March 21


Xiaomi officially announced the high-end flagship series of Mijia full-effect air purifier today, which supports core technology, surging experience, pioneering design, March 21 at 10:00, new products please look forward to!

In terms of design, the product features the same four-leaf aesthetic as Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier Ultra, which is expected to be the standard version of the Mijia Total Air Purifier.

In September 2022, Xiaomi launched Mijia Total effect Air Purifier Ultra, which supports the aldehyde detoxification technology. The catalytic aldehyde detoxification filter element equipped with this technology can decompose formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide continuously and completely, without secondary pollution release and need not be replaced. Aldehyde removal effect is 10 times better than the national standard, efficient removal of home air pollution. Equipped with solid formaldehyde sensor imported from Switzerland, 0.001mg/m³ precise digital display. Equipped with photoelectric dual self-cleaning technology, there are four groups of high-energy plasma generators, which continuously release low-temperature plasma, form high-energy ion field in the filter chamber, release super ionizing energy, infiltrate continuously eliminate viruses and bacteria attached to the filter element, and remove harmful gases and odors.

Ultra has optical design of the opposite UV lamp group, the use of high-intensity reflective aluminum film coating, break through the narrow exposure range of traditional UV lamp beads, achieve full range of full face light irradiation, elimination area covers the complete surface of the filter element, keep the filter element clean. Output clean air 12500L per minute, also equipped with Germany ebm DC fan, 4.3 inch LCD large color screen, support Mi App and small love classmate control, can be installed universal wheel, drawer type filter design easy replacement.


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