Xiaomi Mijia Deerma Sweeper Water Spray Mop Review: Ultra-Light & Ultra-Economical Mop For Just $22.99 at TOMTOP (Coupon Inside)


Are you looking for a way to clean your house without too much effort? Xiaomi has a perfect mop for you. The Xiaomi Deerma is a mop with water spray that cleans without much effort. This hybrid of mop and mop is not only fast but also can clean all types of surfaces: ceramic, wood, platelet, etc. Also, unlike other utensils to clean, it is very flexible and can access corners and lows without effort. Once you discover it, you will not want anything else in your home and the best thing is that it costs very little.


This MOP weighs only 750 g and is therefore very easy to transport. It was made from stainless steel. In the scope of delivery in addition to the MOP, a 360° rotatable rod, a 1.2 m long steel rod and a 3-cm-long essay. Due to the mobility of the staff should be very easy to come under furniture such as the Sofa. With a weight of only 750 g of the “Deerma is” very easy. This mop features a 350ml water tank, you can water once and finish a 100 square meters cleaning. 360° rotary mop pole detailed with 1.2m lengthen design, clean the corner easily and clean the high place effortlessly. Your housework helper.


The wiper is equipped with carbon fiber fabric with the ability to retain dust effectively. Comes with a mop of 0.35 liters of water and a smart spray mode that cleans up the floor area of 100 square meters. All mopeds are controlled, operated by mechanical mechanisms, without any electronic components. This mop adopts the slightly wet cleaning tech, spay water when mopping and the floor will dry quickly. Wide spray range features labor-saving and is perfect for your family.


Xiaomi Deerma Water Spray Household Mop Smarter Chores Smarter Home. Comes From Xiaomi Eco-chain Deerma, No Xiaomi Logo on this item. This water spray mop offers an easy and efficient way of cleaning. Not only is it fast and effective but it can also be used to clean various types of floor surfaces such as ceramic, hardwood, laminate among others. right now we can buy it from TOMTOP at $22.99 after using this coupon code: HY5XMD


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