Xiaomi Mijia G1 Review – 2 in 1 Robot Mop Vacuum Cleaner at $194.99 From Banggood (Coupon)


Xiaomi has released a low-cost robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mijia G1, which received a triple filtering system and a design traditional for such devices. The Xiaomi Mijia G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with NIDEC Japanese motor that has a suction power of 2200Pa, powered by a 2500mAh battery to offer up to 90 minutes of household cleaning, also comes with a 200ml water tank that works with an electronic water pump, you can scrub all types of floors.

Buy Xiaomi Mijia G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner From Banggood


Xiaomi Mijia G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the classic-looking round cleaning mop with a mopping function. The use of this function is possible thanks to the 200 ml water tank with a built-in water pump. Interestingly, the robot not only allows the appropriate dosing of water to prevent wastage but also calculates the amount remaining in the dispenser. The product weighs approximately 3.4 kg and measures 35 x 35 x 8.20 cm. In the package, in addition to the Xiaomi G1 robot, also the charging base, the containers for dust and water, brush, and mop.

The device is also equipped with a charging station, which the vacuum cleaner will reach automatically when the battery is exhausted. The whole thing can be controlled via the application that will show us not only the battery status but also the specific cleaning path with the selected device operating mode. As for the battery, it got a capacity of 2500 mAh and the manufacturer states the endurance for 90 minutes of cleaning. If the battery is discharged during vacuuming, the vacuum cleaner will return to the charging station. After recharging, it will automatically return to where it left off and complete its work.

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The Xiaomi Mijia G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be considered a cheaper version of the already available model Mijia Sweeping Robot 1C. The novelty is equipped Japanese NIDEC engine with decent suction power 2200 pa. In addition to vacuuming, the vacuum cleaner is also able to mop. It contains a 200 ml water tank with an electric water box that controls the water flow. The user can set the water regulation on three levels. The regulation takes place via the application.

Although it is the cheapest Xiaomi Mijia G1 vacuum cleaner in the portfolio, it is equipped with smart functions. The basis is an application for a smartphone while cooperating with an already known one app Home Mi. The connection is via WiFi with the 2,4 GHz band. Through the application, you can also control the vacuum cleaner remotely or monitor its work in real-time. Mijia Sweeping Robot G1 (MJSTG1) got intelligent route planning. Thanks to which it will clean all places of your household as efficiently and without omission as possible. In addition, it has artificial intelligence and the ability to connect with a voice assistant. As only the Chinese version of the vacuum cleaner is available so far, it supports the Chinese voice assistant XiaoAI.


Xiaomi Mijia G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can immediately start sweeping as people start walking in. The device automatically goes to recharge once it is done with its designated task. We can buy it from Banggood at $194.99 (168,63€) by using Coupon Code: BGCZXMG1 in Flash Sale until August 15th.

Buy Xiaomi Mijia G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner From Banggood


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