Xiaomi Mijia H300 Anion Quick Drying Hair Dryer Officially Released at 149 yuan, $21


Xiaomi has released a new household product — Mijia Anion quick-drying hair dryer H300, featuring 9.5cm short body, 20m/s super wind speed, 50m anion, 57°C intelligent constant temperature, etc. The price is 149 yuan, $21, which will be on sale at 0 o ‘clock on August 16th.

The barrel of Mijia anion quick-drying hair dryer is only 9.5cm long, which is equivalent to the length of a lipstick. It is not tired to hold and can be easily carried on business trips. The surface is sprayed with UV hand paint, which makes the touch delicate and smooth.

Based on the principle of aircraft engine, it adopts aviation turbine type 7-blade fan to create unique bending and torsion blade and air outlet, which can reduce wind energy loss and effectively improve wind speed, up to 20m/s.

The built-in sensor can detect the temperature 60 times per second, adjust the wind temperature to be stable at 57℃ in real time, and scientifically control the temperature to repair the hair, so as to keep the hair healthy and shiny. Support three block temperature regulation, two block wind speed regulation.

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Mijia anion quick dry hair dryer is also equipped with anion generator, which can release 50 million anions, which can not only remove the static electricity of hair, smooth the frizz, tighten the hair scales, but also can quickly and gently dry hair, improve hair health.


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