Xiaomi Mijia Leravan Electric Vibration Eye Massager| Relieved Your Whole Day Eye Fatigue in 5Mins| Price Just $61.99


This is a professional Xiaomi Mijia Leravan Electric Vibration Eye Massager which can relieve eye fatigue. It is applicable for students, writers, accountants, teenagers who have near sight and people who use a computer or watch TV for a long time.


Xiaomi Mijia Leravan Electric Vibration Eye Massager is the company Le Fan Health Technology Co Ltd. a new subsidiary of Xiaomi, which offers an eye massager with nursing derivation design, compact and light. In fact, the dimensions of the product are equal to 180 x 48 x 34,5 mm for a total weight of 160 grams, also with a single battery charge (possible via a common micro USB cable) it is possible to obtain a duration of 7 days with continuous use of about 2,5 hours a day alternating the three massage modes present as a function.


Xiaomi Mijia Leravan Electric Vibration Eye Massager that integrates technology for the benefit of daily health, dedicated to both the female and male population they are not glasses against the harmful blue light nor a cervical massager but a mix between these two that has generated The Fan Eye Massager LF-ME001, an double temperature eye massager hot / cold to reduce eye strain and improve the appearance of the contour. Xiaomi Mijia Leravan Electric Vibration Eye Massager can be loaded with a common charger from 5V / 1A returning a power of 6W. The simple, essential and ergonomic design makes the use of one hand but also allows you to always carry the gadget for a continuous eye care and everywhere. Ultra simple operation as it will be enough to press the power button for 1,5 seconds to start or stop the product, while with a little touch you can switch from one mode to another among those available. moreover, the drive button is guaranteed up to 20000 touches thanks to laboratory tests guaranteed by the Arcadia company.

Well, they are three massage modes offered by the Fan Eye Massager of Xiaomi and are divided into the hot massage with 40 ° C temperature, ideal temperature even for those with sensitive skin. The constant heat makes it possible to alleviate eye strain and promote blood circulation. The other mode of massage is the cold type with a temperature of 19 ° C which allows the dissolution of dark circles and stimulates the natural tearing of the eye. It will take 5 minutes of eye massage a day to achieve long-term benefits and restore the vitality of the eyes, all guaranteed by a silica gel that exploits the induction of human skin to release high-frequency vibrations by stimulating the nerves and muscles that make up the ocular zone. The third mode is a combination of the two listed above.

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A Xiaomi Mijia Leravan Electric Vibration Eye Massager of this kind nowadays is undoubtedly a godsend, considering that our eyes are subject to continuous stress due to the radiation emitted by PC monitors, cell phones, neon lights and much more for at least 16 hours a day. It is also estimated that an eyelid closes at least 10000 times a day with the considerable increase due to fatigue. Xiaomi Mijia Leravan Electric Vibration Eye Massager is now available on TOMTOP just at $61.99 on limited sale.


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