Xiaomi Mijia Magnetic Track Light: Energy Efficient Lighting


Xiaomi has been making waves in the smart home industry with their Mijia product line, and their latest release, the Mijia Magnetic Track Light, is no exception. This innovative lighting system boasts several impressive features, including 10,000-level dimming, slow on and off, and a starting price of just 199 yuan. 

One of the standout features of the Mijia Magnetic Track Light is its 5mm ultra-thin surface-mounted track. This design choice means the lighting system can be installed quickly and easily without a high ceiling. Additionally, the flexible lamp arrangement implies that users can customize their lighting setup to their liking without relying on main lamps.

Another area where the Mijia Magnetic Track Light excels is its power supply. The lighting system features a small and high-efficiency GaN power supply that operates at a voltage of 45V. The system also includes an innovative IoT adapter, meaning users don’t need to reserve a socket for the lighting system. This feature also makes it possible to install the camera without wiring and flipping and allows for flexible movement of the lighting system.

Regarding the actual lighting options, users can choose from three main-free lamps: the 1.2cm ultra-thin line lamp, the 5-head grille lamp, and the 24° beam angle spotlight. All three options feature magnetic suction and safety buckles to prevent them from shedding. They also support step-less adjustment of color temperature and brightness.

Of course, as a Mijia product, the Xiaomi Mijia Magnetic Track Light includes intelligent control options. The lighting system supports single-light single-control, multi-light intelligent grouping, and voice control. This means users can easily control their lighting setup using voice commands or the Mijia app.

In conclusion, the Mijia Magnetic Track Light is an impressive addition to Xiaomi’s Mijia product line. With its ultra-thin design, flexible lamp arrangement, and intelligent control options, this lighting system will surely appeal to a wide range of smart home enthusiasts. At a starting price of just 199 yuan, it’s also affordable for anyone looking to upgrade their home lighting setup.

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