Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL Portable Eye-protection LED Desk Lamp for Home Review


Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL  LED LAMP have a moment move up to the universe of present day LED lighting. These days, it’s ending up increasingly vital to take care of nature. As an eco-accommodating LED light As a Xiaomi fan, truly loved having the light, as I would utilize it at my medicinal bureau. The absolute first thing that established me connection was the enormous white box. No doubt, the light is in an extremely tall to be precise, white box. Before we begin looking into the light, let us see the Specifications.

Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL  LED Lamp Price: $85.99


Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL  LED Lamp comes with  the light comes inside a major, extremely delightful, with an extravagant tone, white box. As measurements, it is high, so think about it when you get it. The light accompanies the typical Chinese attachment, so on the off chance that you are from Europe, you should get and a connector. Driven installation that utilizes almost no power and will never require supplanting. 60mm clasp extend influences it to can be broadly utilized and solid bendy tub empower you to swivel the light adaptable and change the light position as you need, the light effectively enhances work areas, bookshelves, racking units, end tables, or anyplace space is at a higher cost than expected.


Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL  LED Lamp has the  Imported LED eye-insurance light dab. The High splendor light dabs, high presentation record, hostile to blue light innovation. Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL  LED Lamp comes with High affectability rotatable switch, rich control understanding. The Triaxial configuration, feel great, allowed to alter the light point, simple to utilize. It has Stepless diminishing, alter distinctive splendor as indicated by various conditions and events. the  Rotatable switch, progressively advantageous and basic  Working temperature: – 10Deg.C – 40Deg.C. it also has the Bluetooth remove: 10m. Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL  LED Lamp cuspports Wireless association: WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz/Bluetooth 4.2

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Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL  LED Lamp is  one of a kind appearance enables you to see it initially. What’s more, it has numerous sorts of splendor, you can pick the most loved shading temperature and brilliance level for considering, unwinding or resting. The stand can be balanced for better perceivability, it is advantageous for use.  you can easily buy this from Gearbest with $85.99

Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL  LED Lamp Price: $85.99


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