Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot Kids Sport Bike Review: Comes with Training Wheel For Just $239.99 In Flash Sale at Gearbest (Only 50 Pcs)


Children’s bicycle from Xiaomi Ninebot Kids 14″ Sports Bike is made with aluminum alloy, anti-slip tires with damping effect, so that it will be suitable for both boys and girls. The model has a set of good side wheels, so the child will be able to safely learn the ride at any level of skill – even if he is completely new. The bike is designed for children aged 3 – 6 years old.

Design & Features

Xiaomi Ninebot Kids 14″ Sports Bike received a design of a lightweight but very durable aluminum alloy, anti-slip tires with damping effect, and an excellent ratio of speeds.

The design and control system are designed in accordance with the anatomical features of the toddlers. Everything is thought out to the last detail – so that the ride was safe and comfortable. Handles Ninebot Kids Bike are covered with anti-slip material. In addition to high-quality parts, the vehicle has an excellent sense of control. This is a bicycle that will help your child’s safe and comfortable entertainment.

Kids can inadvertently get hurt on sharp edges. Designers have taken this fact into account – the sports bike Ninebot has soft protective covers in such places. This reduces the risk of getting punched. To make it easier for children to learn the ride, there are two removable additional wheels in the kit. When a small rider feels a daring, they can be removed.

Provides a manual brake (rear and front), as well as chain protection. Under the seat is a hidden handle, through which adults can carry an 8.7-kilogram bicycle in one hand. The height of the seat and the steering wheel is adjusted with tools in a special compartment under the frame.

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A convenient and safe Xiaomi Ninebot Kids 14″ Sports Bike that will allow your child to learn the basics of driving and present the real joy of driving his first vehicle. Right now we can buy it from Gearbest at $239.99 in Flash Sale and only 50 piece(s) left Hurry up!


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