Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot One Z10 Review: a Electric Balance Unicycle With 1800W Motor, 150Kg Load & 45km/h Max


Ninebot One Z10 is the coolest wildest looking electric unicycle with excellent product design. Now, this is truly a state of art wheelie! Meet the Ninebot ONE Z10 personal transporter: an electric unicycle that helps you get around without breaking a sweat. It has a 1800w motor, max speed of 45km/hr, and max range of up to 100km. It can handle slopes up to 25 degrees. This unicycle can handle loads up to 150kg. If you are interested to discover electric unicycles, you should visit MyEWheel.


The appearance of the device is impressive: strict lines of the body resemble a “bat-mobile”, the wheel diameter of 18 inches and a width of 103 mm leaves no doubt about the high-speed and cross-country qualities of the “dozens.” A powerful white light will help find the road in the dark, vertical rows of diode illumination on both sides of the wheel give the segment a smart look. Developers Ninebot for the first time among all manufacturers of gyrocycles uses wide tires with a diameter of 18 inches and a width of 10.4 cm. Due to this, the size of the road patch and stability during driving increased significantly. It will be easier for a rider to keep balance and manage management. This is the first tubeless wheel on the monocycle market! The difference is obvious – better damping, resistance to damage (punctures, cuts), long service life. The tires are covered with a modern wear-resistant material with anti-slip effect. Ninebot One Z10 will give a sea of drive and thrill because he can drive at speeds up to 20 km / h! Under the “hood” of the miracle transport is a powerful motor at 1800 W. It is controlled by an intelligent system and has multi-stage protection against overheating, short circuits, voltage drops, etc.

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The Ninebot One Z10 is the flagship of the exclusive series of off-road cars from Ninebot. The unique electric scooter has the most powerful motor in the line (1800 W) and LG Li-ion battery of high capacity (1000 Wh) with built-in security system BMS, which ensures stable operation of the device. Monocycle with enormous speed characteristics (up to 45 km / h) and run (up to 100 km on one charge) is one of the expected novelties of the season. But they are waiting for him not only for this reason. The developers have equipped a device with a wheel diameter of 18 “unique in its kind” tire, the width of which – 4.1″ or almost 10 cm! Add to that a strong wear-resistant rubber with an off-road protector and get one of the most passable monocles in the world! Off-road trails and cross-country races harden the spirit of the rider, and the high-strength monocycle body reliably protects the electronics from bumps and damage. Moreover, the device has a high degree of moisture protection IP56, which allows you to ride in the rain and snow. Ninebot One Z10 has large dimensions, but its load capacity is impressive – up to 150 kg. It will adequately withstand the severe tests and give its owner an indescribable feeling of freedom and drive. Given that this vehicle, it is worth taking care of reliable equipment. And if you do not yet have enough experience and driving skills on such a powerful unit, we recommend that you take a closer look at the modifications of the Z6 and Z8.


The Ninebot One Z10 Electric Balance Unicycle From Xiaomi Mijia features excellent performance, a powerful engine, and a lithium-ion battery, which allows you to overcome up to 100 kg on one charge at a speed of 45 km / h. We can buy it from Gearbest at $1888.99 with 11% OFF discount for the Limited time


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