Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Purifier Now On Open Sale For Only $124


On the evening of March 30th, Xiaomi brought a Mijia pure smart humidifier Pro, which does not produce fog and does not create drops of water but humidifies the room in a silent way with a longer duration and triple antibacterial system.  Prior to this, the Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Purifier started crowdfunding at 0:00 on April 2 with the original price of 899 yuan (about $136) and the crowdfunding price of only 799 yuan (around $124).

And today, this humidifier Pro has been officially now on open sale, and the deposit pre-sale is opened, which is also 799 yuan (around $124.50).

The Xiaomi Mijia pure smart humidifier Pro packs a built-in 5L water tank and is capable of humidification at the rate of 600mL/h. Thus, it can increase the humidity of a bedroom in just 10 minutes. The humidifier adopts a cone shape design with an OLED display at the top which allows the user to check the room temperature and the water volume inside the tank.

At present, the cheaper humidifiers on the market use ultrasonic humidification. If tap water is added, the calcium and magnesium elements in the water will be sprayed into the air, causing the PM2.5 level in the air to increase. Thus, you can only use pure water on those models. However, the MIJIA Pure Smart Humidifier Pro simulates natural water evaporation.

In addition, it comes with three advanced antibacterial technology which includes;

It uses Ultraviolet light to sterilizes bacteria in the water and humidifies healthier.
The suspended silver ion antibacterial filter element can efficiently filter dust and adsorb impurities.
The air-drying technology of the filter element reduces the problem of mold and bacteria breeding on the filter element.

​​​​Thanks to these features, the sterilization and antibacterial rates of the Xiaomi Mijia pure smart humidifier Pro are said to be as high as 99%.

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