Xiaomi MiJia Qicycle 12 inch Children Bike Officially Releases for Crowdfunding


Today Xiaomi Mijia crowdfunding platform has listed a Children’s bike, which can be used for riding and sliding. The crowdfunding price is 599 yuan, $100. This Children’s bike is produced by Xiaomi Ecoline Qicycle, as you know, this manufacturer has released a Xiaomi QiCYCLE R1 TDF-level Professional Road Bike before.

Now this Xiaomi QICYCLE Children Bike has 12 inch smooth Q design, complying with ergonomic design, the whole bike has no sharp edge, all closed chain cover, integrated foaming protective sleeve to protect Children’s safety.

It has two kinds of function, which has combined Push Bike and Bicycle into one bike, by easy operation of 5 units screwers, it can finish the mode switch.

The push bike mode is suitable for 2 year old Children to cultivate balanced ability, but the bicycle mode is suitable for elder Children, which can cultivate their independence to ride a bike. Right now Qicycle 12 inch Children Bike starts to sell for crowdfunding, just grab one before the price increases.


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