Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review – LDS Laser Navigation Version For Just $311.99 at Gearbest


Two months after the launch of the 1S upgrade, Xiaomi earlier this week continued to launch another robot vacuum model called Xiaomi Mijia 2 in 1 Sweeping Wet Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This model has the largest suction capacity in its product range of 2,100 PA (compared to 2,000 PA before). Laser distance sensor helps to map the room is also upgraded to identify obstacles at a maximum distance of up to 8 meters. Also, Visit on Gearbest Black Friday Sale

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Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner is also Xiaomi’s cheapest robot vacuum cleaner. The water dispenser and dust container both have a capacity of 0.55 liters – very large compared to the same price range of about 0.4 liters. According to China-gadgets, the difference between the Roborock S50 and T6 models is that the device can adjust the amount of water more or less small to the floor when cleaning with the application. Like the 1S version, Mijia Robot STYJ02Y can also map the house, divide rooms automatically, support drawing virtual walls, non-smoking areas and schedule suction for each room. The downside of the new robot vacuum model from Xiaomi is that the battery capacity is reduced to 3,200 mAh compared to 5,200 mAh of previous generations. This helps the machine to reduce weight to 3.6 kg from 3.8 kg of the 1S. In addition, the reduced height makes it possible to operate under the ground with a minimum height of 9.4 cm instead of 9.6 cm as before.

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Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner moves smartly to clean according to the created map, avoiding repetition and extremely high coverage. The Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with an intelligent electronic water tank system to control and adjust the amount of water absorbed through the mops. This saves water while protecting your floor more effectively. The new generation of Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner cleans even cleaner. The Japanese brushless electric motor and the improved shape of the air ducts make it possible to achieve a suction force of 2100 Pa so that dust and crumbs can be easily sucked from the surface, as well as to restore shine and cleanliness to the floor. The Cortex A7 quad-core processor and Mali400 dual-core graphics chip provide superior performance and fast processing of the collected data. Time-tested, real-time SLAM algorithms map and plot to achieve cleanliness across the entire area. MiHome application gives you access to many settings and interesting functions of the vacuum cleaner: remote control, scheduled a cleaning, cleaning a given area and more. Settings can be set and changed even outside the home.


The Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a new generation dual tank combining a dust collector and a water tank in an optimal ratio for operation. Thanks to a well-thought-out design, the vacuum cleaner simultaneously sweeps away dust, sucks in large particles, rubs the floor and does everything to restore cleanliness. We can buy it from Gearbest at $311.99 in Black Friday Sale… Also, Visit on Gearbest Black Friday Sale

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Gearbest


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