Xiaomi Mijia Screen Display Switch Launched With One & Two Open Keys


Xiaomi Mijia Screen Display Switch is one of the latest smart home products from a well-known manufacturer. Shortly after putting intelligent switch, which contains a total of 3 buttons. Today, the company released this screen display switch with two types, which are single-key and double-key.

It will be up for crowdfunding at 99 yuan (about $15.30) on Xiaomi Mall (Mi.com). Once this device reaches its crowdfunding goal, it will retail for 109 yuan (around $17).

With it, smart scenes such as remote switching of lights, voice control of Xiao Ai, and turning on lights at home can be realized without wiring and replacing lamps.

Moreover, the Xiaomi Mijia Screen Display Switch has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, which allows the user to see the temperature and humidity of the room where the switch is located through the screen, and access to the Mijia APP can also link the indoor air conditioner and humidifier.

At the same time, the screen can also display the time and date, outdoor weather (supports 7 types of weather: cloudy, sunny, rain, snow, cloudy, haze, sand, and dust), etc., and there is no need to replace the battery for the thermometer and hygrometer.

The Xiaomi Mijia Screen Display Switch can be connected to products with a built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway function and can be linked with other smart products to realize whole-house interconnection. The switch is not only a light switch but also supports a custom switch function. After accessing the Mijia APP, you can customize any of the buttons as a switch for other smart devices in your home.

The quality of Mijia is also relatively reliable. The Xiaomi Mijia Screen Display Switch is 110mm long and 86mm wide. It uses a brass base + sterling silver contact design, which can withstand 80,000 presses, is not easy to oxidize, and is safe and durable.

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