Xiaomi Mijia Seabird 4K Sport Camera For Just $69.99 at GeekBuying (+Coupon)


After the resounding success of the Xiaomi sports camera, the Mi Action Camera 4K, Xiaomi surprises us by adopting another new “sub-brand” and launching an action camera called Xiaomi Seabird 4K into your extensive catalog. This sports camera Xiaomi Mijia Seabird 4K Action Camera has technical specifications that place it between the middle and high range, but that with a very cheap price, which makes it really attractive.

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Seabird 4K Action Camera at $69.99

The sports camera has a compact size: 60.5 mm x 42.2 mm x 29.7 mm, and the weight without battery is 60 gram. The casing is made of plastic which structure resembles the skin due to the rough surface. Four housing colors are available: black, blue, green and orange.

In front of the lens, there is a button for turning the camera on and off. On the right side, there is a blanked place for a microSD card and a micro-USB port. The maximum supported capacity of the microSD card is 128 GB. From the bottom, there is a battery compartment and 1 / 4 thread “to screw all kinds of additional gadgets.

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The most important button is located at the top, ie the shutter button, it is also used to start and stop the recording. The Seabird 4K camera is equipped with a lens from a reputable Sony company, which can record images in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. To ensure the stability of recordings, the camera is equipped with 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization.

Like all modern cameras, the Xiaomi Mijia Seabird 4K Action Camera also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the creators have not forgotten about a dedicated application to manage camera settings from the smartphone. Right now we can buy it from Geekbuying at $69.99 by using Coupon Code: XIAOMIMJ

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Seabird 4K Action Camera at $69.99



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