Xiaomi Mijia Smart Electronic Sphygmomanometer Officially Released at 199 yuan,$30


Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to health. Various wearable devices such as smart wristbands and smart watches are very popular, just to better detect their physical state.

However, for blood pressure, blood sugar data, or mainly rely on special instruments to measure, especially the sphygmomanometer is almost a must in every family.

Recently, Xiaomi Youpin store on the shelves of a Mijia smart electronic sphygmomanometer, will be launched on February 15 crowdfunding, crowdfunding price of 199 yuan, $30, later retail at 269 yuan.

In terms of design, Mijia intelligent electronic sphygmomanometer adopts clamp cuff, which can be fitted with a clip and a paste to start measurement, making operation more convenient.

The front has a 3.7-inch screen, which clearly displays the information of high voltage, mortgage and pulse rate, and the font is large, convenient for parents to check.

It adopts high-performance environment-friendly lithium battery, which can be measured twice a day at full charge and can last for 3 months. It is charged with Type-C universal interface.

It is worth mentioning that, as a member of the Mijia device, this sphygmomanometer also supports the connection of Mijia. You can visually view the blood pressure data chart through Mi family App to understand the trend of blood pressure changes, which is convenient for timely adjustment and control. Children can also conveniently view their parents’ data in other places.

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Built-in voice package XiaoAi classmates, broadcast voice more soft and friendly, say goodbye to similar products have no feelings of mechanical broadcasting, but also support one button elite function, do not disturb the family.


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