Xiaomi Mijia Smart Jump Rope today Opened Crowdfunding at 95 yuan, $14


Xiaomi Mijia Smart Jump Rope will open its crowdfunding at 10:00 am today, with a retail price of 129 yuan and a crowdfunding price of 95 yuan, $14.

In terms of design, Mi Jia intelligent skipping rope supports hidden dot matrix digital display, no boundary design and handle integration, movement data can be seen immediately.

Mijia intelligent skipping rope has 3 groups of Hall sensors, which can carry out 360° multi-point monitoring, accurately capture the jump, track the motion state with self-developed accurate counting algorithm, accurately filter the invalid jump such as tripwire and interrupt, avoid missing memory and misjudgment.

Mi home intelligent rope skipping support rope, cordless double rope mode: cordless mode scientific weight air swing ball, can restore the real feeling of jumping, no stumbling more easily; Rope jump method burning fat is stronger, fitness, racing jump at any time.

In other news, the smart rope is equipped with an updated Bluetooth 5.0 chip and supports Type-C charging. Officials say it can be used for 20 days or more if you skip for 30 minutes a day.


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