Xiaomi Mijia Smart Bathroom Heater Released: Go 10℃ in 1 Minute


Xiaomi Mijia Smart Yuba has powerful AC dual motors, extremely fast heating, and heating, a super long air outlet area, and can be intelligently controlled. Mijia Smart Yuba uses PTC ceramic heating module with a power of up to 2400W, and the temperature rises by 10°C in 1 minute, and the warmth will come in a moment. When you get home from getting off work in the cold season, you can take a hot shower right away.

Two gears are adjustable, including a warm air block and warm air high block. With the 52cm super long air outlet design, the bathroom circulates air, delivers warmth to every corner, and the lighting brightness is 1100 lumens.

The wireless Bluetooth remote control can be installed without wiring and can be attached anywhere; 8 buttons, the function-rich status is clear at a glance; IPX4 waterproof, 2-year long battery life, you can take a bath at your fingertips.

It also supports mobile phone remote operation, turns on the heating in advance, and enjoys a warm bath when you get home. It can be linked with a temperature and humidity sensor and can automatically switch on and off functional modes such as blowing/defogging/drying.

Previously, Xiaomi launched the Mijia Smart Yuba Pro, priced at 699 yuan. The upgrade lies in using Japanese DC inverter motors, support for 120° swing wind, 2800W power, 15°C temperature rise in 1 minute, and adjustable third gear.

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